Future of Severely Affected Land - FOSAL

How the provisional categories have been assessed

Following the devastating impact of Cyclone Gabrielle, the Government announced a system of land categorisations to deal with the risks from future severe weather events on affected properties. Provisional maps were developed showing which category affected properties in our region may fall under.

Provisional assessments are only the start of the process. Each property is unique and influenced by a range of different factors. The preliminary maps are likely to change after further hazard assessment work is carried out. Some properties within Category 2A could shift out of the FOSAL framework, or move to Category 2C or 2P or move to Category 3.

Provisional land categories

December, good progress has been made on assessments, with 253 properties removed from the FOSAL framework with others receiving a provisional 2P or 2C categorisation. These property owners should expect to receive a letter late December/early January. Assessments of the 36 2A properties is a priority for us. The land category map below has been updated to show current classifications.

November, assessments of Category 2 properties continues. Property owners will be advised by letter once provisional categories are refined - this could mean moving to 2P or 2C, or Category 3, or if the property is removed from the FOSAL framework.

October, following property assessments, over 1000 Category 2A properties were removed from the FOSAL framework. We sent a second letter to all Category 2 property owners, to advise that they had either been removed or remained in Category 2A.

June, around 1880 preliminary initial assessment letters were sent to Category 2 and 3 property owners.

Land category map for our district

The maps shows the land categories as at 19 December. The number of affected properties currently identified in our region are:

  • Category 3 - 62 properties, this number may increase as further assessments are made.
  • Category 2A - 36 properties.
  • Category 2P - 182 properties.
  • Category 2C - 14 properties.

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