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We're working with mana whenua, landowners and the community to develop a plan that reflects the community vision. It will include what's important - where we are now and what it should be in the future, with key moves for how to get there.

We asked for feedback in August 2022 to inform a draft plan for Makorori Beach. Feedback closed 12 September, we received 264 responses, thank you. Staff have used this to help shape the content of the draft master plan.

Planning for a sustainable future for Makorori

What’s changing at Makorori?

The feedback is that Makorori Beach is getting busier and more popular. With that comes more pressure on the natural environment especially the dunes - that's prompted the need to plan for a sustainable future for Makorori.

What we expect to achieve with the plan

Initial community engagement identified a range of issues concerning activities and use of Makorori Beach, the reserves and foreshore area. They range from cars driving on the reef and beach, reckless driving and parking on the dunes, freedom camping, illegal dumping, issues with dogs, noise, stormwater runoff, hill stability, native flora and fauna, septic tank problems, to the intersection with the state highway.

All issues are interrelated, so we need a systematic approach. If our solutions consider single issues at a time, like rubbish or vehicles - it’s not likely to solve the wider issues. Only some issues can directly be addressed by Council - it will require a collaborative approach by us, mana whenua, landowners and key stakeholders.

We asked for your feedback

We asked for your ideas, what you love or what needs improvement to help inform the Makorori masterplan.

The survey is closed, but here's some ideas that were shared.

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