Creating a safe and people-friendly Grey Street

The Streets for People project on Grey Street. from Childers Road roundabout to just past the skate park. This is a trial project to make this area more vibrant, fun and improve safety for all road users on different modes of transport.

We're urging people to give the trial a chance to see if the improvements work.

By using traffic calming measures like road art, planter boxes and pedestrian crossings, it encourages drivers to slow down as they enter Grey Street and makes it a safer place for everyone.

Grey Street improvements trial

Active modes of transport are a great way to get from A to B outside of a car, you'll see a dual direction cycleway that connects with Alfred Cox Park shared path to Grey Street. There's colour and vibrancy thanks to Tai Uehā, our way finder Tohu that will lead you through Grey Street.

Features of the project

Childers Road / Grey Street roundabout

A raised table pedestrian crossing at the roundabout will provide a safe place for people to cross the road and access the city or the sea

Courtesy crossings

More courtesy crossing points will allow people to get around Grey Street better and encourage drivers to slow down.

New pedestrian crossing and road chicane

A new pedestrian crossing and speed chicane will allow safe crossing points and calm traffic where drivers will need to slow down and pay attention.

Dual direction cycleway

Dual direction cycleway that links Grey Street to Alfred Cox Park shared path. Concrete separators run the length of the cycleway.

Kahutia Street intersection

This intersection will be converted into a left hand turn only. Concrete planters will separate the thoroughfare. Why? This is one of the more dangerous intersections on Grey Street to the line of sight up and down the street.

Pick up and drop off zone

The pick up and drop off zone moves slightly to allow for the dual direction cycleway.

What's next?

The installation will be monitored and evaluated as required.

The trial is up to 24 months. The changes will be made permanent only if and when they're measured as successful in improving the safety and accessibility of Grey Street.

The 24 month trial period is recommended to allow people to adapt to the changes.

Any safety issues identified during the trial will be reviewed by our engineers and changes will be made immediately where required.

During the trial period, we welcome feedback on the project as we continuously monitor the performance and assess the new layout using cameras and site inspections.

How's the project funded?

Streets for People is 90% funded by NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi and 10% funded by Gisborne District Council.

The 10% funding for this project comes from funding in the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan and Regional Land Transport Plan projects. The funding from NZTA must be spent on this project, it can't be spent elsewhere, for example on fixing potholes or anything else.

The project's being delivered in partnership with Gisborne District Council, NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi and Tairāwhiti Adventure Trust.

Thanks for your earlier feedback, ideas and suggestions on the designs

9 January, 2024

Rory says:

Great to see more pedestrian friendly developments, as a pedestrian I find it difficult to access some parts of Central Gisborne.

3 January, 2024

Gillian Ward says:

Fabulous and awesome! GDC's Spatial Plan, linear park for Grey Street, connecting the city to the sea, coming to life! Active travel & fun!

12 December, 2023

Shiner says:

I don't love the idea of closing Kahutia St through route. It will just add to the traffic log jams on Childers Road.

12 December, 2023

Kauri says:

Love the bright colours, bring it on! More cycleways, less road space

11 December, 2023

ovetter says:

Love it. whole street should be shared slow bike/car. car parks need infrastructure to stop car doors/parking infringing the bike lanes

10 December, 2023

Monsta says:

What a load of manure!!! $350,000 would be better spent fixing potholes. Priorities in these tough times.

10 December, 2023

John says:

This is a stupid idea, leave the road as it is. It is one of the main roads to the beach and slowing the traffic down is a crazy idea.

9 December, 2023

Lois.Easton says:

Love it. Time to prioritise the people over the cars.

9 December, 2023

Lois says:

Love it. Time to prioritise the people over the cars.

9 December, 2023

Barrie says:

Re Grey St upgrade - The layout suggests a total mess let alone a waste of (presumably ratepayers) money.

9 December, 2023

Gizzy says:

Stop wasting money and sort our sewer problems out. We have bigger problems in our community that need fixing first

9 December, 2023

Ex Sydney Resident says:

I moved here from Sydney and can't get over how hard it is to walk places here.