Making SH35 Ūawa (Tolaga Bay) safe, healthy and connected

Streets for People is funded by NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi to encourage vibrant, people friendly streets and healthier lifestyles by implementing temporary interventions to test live versions of designs with local people in real time.

This a people first approach, to design with the users of the space affected rather than for them. Trial interventions are added in a low-cost, low-risk way that allows people to try the design for themselves and provide feedback. Trials are monitored and assessed for effectiveness to inform the planning for future permanent changes.

The project also aims to encourage safer, healthier communities by offering greater options on how they travel.

  • Where?

    SH35 Ūawa township between Monkhouse Street / Solander Street and beyond.

    Connecting Ūawa cycle and walking trail from Solander St to Monkhouse St to Ūawa Bridge to Tolaga Bay Wharf.

  • What?

    Intersections – safety improvements to the two intersections connecting to Cook Street including a roundabout for traffic calming and pedestrian crossings for safer access for pedestrians.

    Pedestrian crossings on Cook Street – new, safer crossing points for pedestrians, to replace existing pedestrian refuges.

    Dual Cycleway – dual direction cycleway connects the existing Ūawa cycle Trail to Cook Street.

  • Why?

    Health and safety - reduce on road harm.

    Address climate change and carbon emissions -get people out of their cars.

    Create Environmental Sustainability - encourage other forms of transport within our community ie: walk, cycle, mobility, 'E' scooters, etc.

    Align transport modes and land use: create a safe passage, connectivity, and an awesome place for people to gather.

What we're proposing for Ūawa

We've heard from the community, here are their ideas for the township so far:

  • Continue the walking and cycle trail along Cook Street SH35 from Solander to Monkhouse Streets to link up with the planned 'next stage' - Monkhouse Street to Tolaga Bay Wharf.
  • Slow traffic from northern and southern approaches to Ūawa and reduce speed through Tolaga Bay township.
  • Make the street more vibrant to encourage people into shops on the main street.
  • Better street lighting.
  • Allocated parking for logging and other large trucks.
  • More seating/ tables.
  • Bike racks.
  • Roundabouts in place at Solander and Monkhouse Streets to slow traffic entering town.
  • Safe pedestrian crossings.
  • Planter boxes.

Thank you for all the valuable feedback, together with our community partners, business owners, designers and engineers we will continue to refine these improvements and ideas.

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15 May, 2024

Uawa Represent says:

More pedestrians crossings