Where will we build more homes?

It's estimated that 5,000 new homes will be needed by 2050.

We asked for feedback on 4 prepared options, which closed 27 November. We received 182 submissions.

To help with the planning of where and what we can build for this growth, we're creating a Future Development Strategy.

We'd like you to tell us where you think these houses should be built. We also need your input on what type of housing should be allowed.

We've identified 4 options for where new housing developments could be accommodated in several areas in Gisborne.

Development areas identified

We have 4 maps that show the general options for where we could build.

Some things to keep in mind when you look at the options
  • As population increases roads will get busier. We'll need good public transport, walking and cycling networks.
  • Climate change could increase natural hazards in susceptible areas.
  • Different types of housing may become more desirable as we need housing that is affordable for people.

The 4 options - intensification, dispersed, eastern, western.

Please note:

These maps identify a lot of areas for development. These areas are approximate and the detail does not include individual properties or specific boundaries. Also, not all these areas may be needed to accommodate growth.

None of the greenfield areas are rated as highly productive land.

This feedback will be taken into consideration along with other information to help guide the future growth strategy.

Option 1

Option 1 : Intensification

Intensification map

Option 1 : Intensification

  • No new building on open fields so current city footprint remains the same.
  • Encourages CBD revitalisation with more people living, working and shopping centrally.
  • More medium density intensification throughout city centre and higher density in CBD.
  • Significant medium density housing suggested in Kaiti.
The second most costly option due to infrastructure upgrades.

Option 2

Option 2 : Dispersed Growth

Dispersed map

Option 2 : Dispersed Growth

A little bit of everything.

  • CBD focus for higher density housing
  • Intensification in existing areas
  • Some fields to the east and west of the CBD become available for building.
This is the most expensive option due to infrastructure costs across the city.

Option 3

Option 3 : Eastern Growth

Eastern map

Option 3 : Eastern Growth

Allows for houses to be built in the fields to the east of Kaiti.

  • Medium density housing in Wainui
  • Higher density housing in and around the CBD.
  • Housing density is determined by its accessibility to the CBD.
This is the third most expensive option.

Option 4

Option 4 : Western Growth

Western Growth Option

Option 4 : Western Growth

New residential area on fields to the west of the city centre.

  • Limited amount of intensification in urban area.
  • No intensification in Kaiti due to infrastructure constraints.
This is the least costly option.